Disable Seat Belt Alarm for 2007 Toyota Camry

It took a lot of searching and experimenting but I finally figured out how to turn off the seat belt alarm on my 07 Toyota Camry. The owner’s manual said to contact the dealer to disable the seat belt chime. After calling three dealers, they all said it could not be done. I considered cutting the wires and then fusing them together – thinking that would simulate a closed (buckled) circuit. But it’s too tight under the seat to work with wires. So, onto the Internet to get a cheat for defeating the seat belt alert – lots of answers.

The one that worked was to disconnect the cables under the seat. There are two bundles of wires, one with white connectors and the other with yellow. Simply disconnect the white connector and the seat belt warning bell is turned off.

The light still displays on the dash so the weight sensors are operable. Everything else works fine.

Yes, we DO wear our seatbelts.