The User Experience: Proper Image Size

This webinar was hosted by Canon describing InfoComm's image size standards.  How big of a monitor is needed in a space? image-sizeThe question of selecting the proper display size versus the audience viewing distance has been asked for over four decades in the AV industry. Up to this point there has not been an exact formula that has undergone true scientific scrutiny. The variable has always been the viewing criteria for the application, and the fact that different viewing purposes will require different viewing distances, screen sizes and font sizes. For years, the commercial AV industry used a general rule, called the 4-6-8 Rule. It simply stated that there are three viewing criteria, and a maximum viewing distance, based on screen height: • Inspection viewing – 4X Screen Height • Detailed viewing – 6X Screen Height • General viewing – 8X Screen Height Recent work and scientific research shows that, while originally functional, this is now understood to be a less accurate approach. New standards have been developed to address this accurately. We will take you through the laws of physics of visual acuity as well as the new ANSI standard and then provide real world formula, calculators, and examples to support this enlightened approach.