Biamp TesiraForte Completion

The TesiraForte is a digital signal processor "DSP" that offers AEC among other features for audio. It's installed after a mixer in live environments. But mostly this unit is used in room installations for teleconferencing. I took this online course during the interview process with AVI-SPL. Whew! That was helpful. biamp

Date with Rachel at Chick-fill-A

We went to Chick-fill-A in Crystal Lake for my date with Rachel. This restaurant has a children's play area which made it even more fun. She got the kid's meal which came with a book, "Franklin Says I Love You." I had to pry her away from the book to get her into the play area and then pry her away from the play area to go home for the day. We had lots of fun and good conversation at the table.

Date with Alexis

With the temperature at 100 degree on the 4th of July, we decided to go see a movie in Woodstock. Alexis and I saw Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. Alexis loved it and we stayed cool. That evening, we celebrated Independence day with homemade ice cream with the Gibsons at our house.

15th Anniversary

Heather and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary on June 21. This is the summer solstice, the longest daylight hours of the year. For our anniversary, the twins decided to serve us dinner. They did this for Grammy and Grandaddy previous. We ate in the dinning room and the twins brought us beverages, food, and even sand the "Happy Anniversary" song - kin to happy birthday. It was a meaningful and pleasant anniversary gift. I bought flowers for Heather.