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Wow! What a funny looking kid this is. He's been to a few too many science museums.

February 20 marks the launch of this new website - built from scratch from the ground up. The most impressive feature is that it's "elastic." Resize your browser and watch the page's width adjust.

I love my wife.

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About the Soukups

Rob is from Ohio and Heather is from Tennessee. They met at Seminary in South Carolina. After being married in 1997, they spent many years in Youth Ministry. Twins, Alexis and Rachel, were born in 2005. This is when the grandparents really started to show an interest - which is appreciated.

Soukup Launch Website

This marks the opening of the Soukup website launch. It's the grand re-opening because already exists from a long time ago. This new website utilizes a new design and is fluid. Fluid layout means that the website's width automatically adjusts to fit the browser size. Try it yourself by shrinking the browser window's width and watch the contents like this text shift. The proportions of the graphics will not change yet the width changes like an acordian. The content floats on top of the graphic. Use of transparent graphics and layering create the affects. Of course, this only works in modern browsers.

Here is the list of things I'm working on now:

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